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 Our animals

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PostSubject: Our animals   Tue Jan 16, 2007 8:33 am


I have two dogs, a rabbit and a goldfish.

The dogs are Robbie and Jake. Robbie is a blue mearle border collie and is 11 yrs old. I had him on my 17th birthday and he is gorgeous, my first baby. he is so loyal, although he loves Stuart he is definateley my dog.

Jake is a black lurcher and was a rescue dog. We think he is about 6 yrs old. He is gorgeous and I call him a love sponge cause he would just spend all day cuddling you if he could. He is great with the kids and is Katie's best friend he follows her everywhere.
Our rabbit is called Smokey and Katie got him for her second birthday. He is lovely and really friendly. Katie has a lead and takes him for walks its great. He also comes in the house and runs around. He also chases the dogs around which is comical.
Then our goldfish is called Holly (Katie choice!!) We won it at the fair as Katie really wanted one as our old one had died.
So that our minagery of pets.
Karina xx
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PostSubject: Re: Our animals   Tue Jan 16, 2007 9:06 am

aww, sounds like you have a lovely family hun, that lot must keep you busy lol!


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Our animals
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