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 New training courses for men!

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PostSubject: New training courses for men!   Thu Jan 11, 2007 11:07 am

* introduction to common household objects
1= the iron
2= the mop

*fridge forensics: identifying and removing the dead

*design pattern or splatter stain on the lino?

*accepting loss
1= if its empty you CAN throw it away
2= if the milk expired 3 weeks ago, keeping it in the fridge wont bring it back

* bathroom etiquette
1= how to remove shaving stubble from the sink
2= lets wash those towels!!
3= 5 easy ways to tell when your about to run out of toilet paper

* no the dishes wont wash themselves...knowing the limitation of your kitchenware

* going out to dinner; beyond pizza hut

*yours mine and ours! the art of sharing the remote

* adventures in housekeeping
1= lets clean the toilet
2= lets clean under the bed

* listening; its not just something you do during half time and adverts

* accepting your limitations; just because you have the power tools doesnt mean you can fix it!!
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New training courses for men!
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