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 What a night

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PostSubject: What a night   Tue Dec 05, 2006 3:41 pm

Well, dp was going to take his dad to makro tonight and get stock for the shop while he was at it.
So, he nipped in after work, to sort out money etc, Keane was in his highchair eating his tea, and dp went off again to go get his dad and go to makro.
So, i decided to quickly wash up while keane was happy eating, i was doing that when the phone rang.
It was Paul, he had been in a car accident.
He said he was ok but i wanted to be there with him so i got keane into his coat and ran round to the neighbours to ask if he would take me to paul. He said yes and we left keane at his house with his wife lisa, they have keane every now and then for us anyway.
I was bloody shaking like mad now and felt sick.
When we got to the crash, it looked awful, there was police everywhere and amulances, and glass everywhere.
I was shitting myself
Anyway, i ran over and found paul, and he was ok, just very shaken and probably a bit bruised, hes hurt his arm and neck but refused to go in the ambulance.
Anyway, what happened was, paul was driving along, just going into the moors when this car just pulled out in front of him! Paul slammed on the breaks but still caught the car. The driver admitted it was his fault, he thought paul was turning left, even though he wasn't indicating!!
Anyway, the car is probably a write off, its f#cked! esp where it was hit at the front!
The other car looked a mess, i don't know how on earth the people in that car weren't badly hurt. All the side was caved in at the driver side and all the windows were smashed, glass everywhere, and the car had been sort of thrown across the road, it looked so scary.
I'm just so glad no-one was hurt badly.
We should get a courtesy car tomorrow off the other drivers insurance.
We really can't be without a car now that we have the shop cos we use it about 3 times a week just to get stock! And if we don't have stock then we can't earn any money.

Sorry this has turned out to be so long xxx
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PostSubject: Re: What a night   Wed Dec 06, 2006 8:37 am

Oh no! Hope he is alrite and you both manage ok with the curtesy car.
Sam x
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What a night
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