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PostSubject: Boxing?   Mon Nov 27, 2006 8:40 am

Has any one else had trouble with horses who wont box?
Sorry, i know theres no such thing as 'wont box' but its getting really frustrating now! Evil or Very Mad
We have two irish cob mares who are being really difficult, mother and daughter too! I dont beleive its been inherited or anything like that but we have tried everything.
We wanted to go to shows with them during the summer but couldnt coz we couldnt box them. During the winter we like to take the horses down to the beach for a gallop but we cant coz we cant box them. confused
One is about 7yrs old and the other is 5yrs. They are both completley different the mother is more timid and can be a bit of a worrier and the daughter can be really moody and can kick out when she gets frustrated.
Weve tried doing a lil bit with them evryday and they just dont seem to be getting anywhere. The mother will go all the way in but comes rite back out agen. The daughter will go in and stand and shes fine but as soon as she feels the strap come across her she goes mad and has actually crouched herself down and backed out under the strap! Ive never seen a horse do that before. I think she's just too clever for her own good.
She's being sent away to a parelli specialist to see if she can suss her out.
Love to know if any one else had these problems with theirs and please give us some advice.
sorry its a bit long
Sam xxx
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PostSubject: Re: Boxing?   Mon Nov 27, 2006 3:17 pm

Have the horses always been like this?

The only advice i have is to take your time with them, i'd really work at it during the winter and then perhaps you can have them ready to box and go to shows in the summer???
Do a bit each day with them, like you said you have been doing.

Do the horses go out at all in the winter? If so, park the horsebox in the feild and leave it open, then put their feed inside and let them eat in there, gradually make it longer and longer each day, don't make a fuss, this can make the horse more wound up, just kind of go with the flow.
When you get the horse in the box, don't rush to put the strap across or you might frighten it, just let them take there time to look around and come out when they are ready.
When they seem comfortable going in and looking round and having a feed, then you could try putting the strap across, etc etc, just go very slowly.
I wouldn't advise doing both horses at the same time either cos then they may refuse to box without eachother and you'll have the same problem again when the time comes you only need to box one of them.
Hope this helps.
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Registration date : 2006-11-05

PostSubject: Re: Boxing?   Tue Nov 28, 2006 9:05 am

They have both been like this for nearly a year now!
When Cracker, the daughter was younger she went in fine and so we stopped practising with her and then when we wanted her to go in again she wouldnt, i think letting her have such a long break from boxing was where we made our mistake with her.
The older mare used to go in fine all the time and she didnt have a break, just one day she decided she didnt want to go in.
Its really confusing.
Cracker has gone to a specialist for training now so hopefully she will be right soon.
We always had the box in the field with them thru the summer but now its on the yard for the winter so they dont really see it.
Thanks for the advice. I'll let u know if we get a break thru!
Sam x
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PostSubject: Re: Boxing?   

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