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 My horse(s)

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PostSubject: My horse(s)   Fri Nov 10, 2006 3:31 pm

I have 14.3hh Choc dun mare that I have had from a 6mnth filly. She came to me in poor condition. Not a pick on her and she had never been handled her seller found her and her mother in her feild and had had to call the vet as the mare was in such bad nick that they didn't think she would live very long. Luckily the vet could't make it for the next couple of days as my mare would never have been born. thankfully both the mare and my filly ( at the time) pulled through and the mare was also able to be sold on to a loving home.
Since I bought her she has been nothing but a dream very quick to learn new things and very quite. My 3 year old son sits on her and gets lead round the school and I would never have thought when I first got her that I would be riding her.
I also have a shetland that I rescued he was found tethered on a meter of rope knee deep in mud with no hay or water. The person that found him confronted the owner who said that he was stupid and that he was tethered as he was dangerous and kept throwing his son when he tried to ride him( i got him as a yearling!!) again through lots of hard work he is now a lovely little pony.
I know this post is long but I amd ver yproud of my two and what they have achieved in the time that i have had them.
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PostSubject: Re: My horse(s)   Fri Nov 10, 2006 3:40 pm

Awwww, that is lovely!
I love the sound of the mare, i bet shes gorgeous!
Its lovely that you rescued them both though, it must be so rewarding!
I would do it any day!!!

Well done!
Any chance of some piccies?


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PostSubject: Re: My horse(s)   Sat Nov 11, 2006 5:24 am

Proud u should be! They sound like great little ponies.
I hate any cruelty to animals. Well done to u to have rescued and brought on the both of them.
My friends old horse, Bobby was rescued. He was an ex racehorse and had done nothing but sit in a field with no rug and no food since he came off the track.
When they took him in he was untrusting and a bit wild and a scrwany bag of bones. The vet said he would probably not make it.
Now he is perfect, even at 3o+years old!!! He still looks wonderful!
It's a difficult thing to do, so well done you.
Sam x
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PostSubject: Re: My horse(s)   

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My horse(s)
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