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 Tongue chewing!!

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PostSubject: Tongue chewing!!   Sat Jun 14, 2008 3:25 pm

Hi all, its been a while since I have been on here, changed computers and lost the link. Just brought a new horse a had to rack my brain to remember the name of the forum. Glad to be back.
I brought a new horse in May and it is not going too well.
He is absolutly gorgeous and I love him to pieces. He is a 5 yrs old welsh section D and was only backed in the winter. I brought him off an aquaintace who brought him just after he had been backed and has totally ruined him to the point that I can't get on him he is so scared!!
When I got him back to the yard he was shaking he was so scared and he has come along way and is alot beter to handle etc. I am sending off in a week to be re backed and schooled as with two children 4yrs and 2yrs I just don't have the time to do it myself.
The problems I have with him is that one I can't catch him easily when he is out and hvae to get the other two horses in before he will come anywhere near me and thesecond thing is that when he is in the stable or tied on the yard he chews his tongue. He really sticks it right out the side of his mouth and chews it. I have been around horses all my life and have neer come across this before. He has recently had his teeth done and there are nop problems. I am not sure if it is a nervous thing he does?? Any ideas and adice would be appreciated.
Thanks Karina
p.s will post pics
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PostSubject: Re: Tongue chewing!!   Sun Jun 15, 2008 2:21 pm

Can't say i have come accross this either! Don't know what to suggest!


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Tongue chewing!!
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