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 My horses!

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PostSubject: My horses!   Mon Nov 06, 2006 4:21 am

Well, i haven't got any horses at the moment but i thought i would tell you about the horses i owned in the past!

I got my first pony when i was about 15 i think.
He was a registered welsh section A yearling colt. Hmm, yes, not the most appropriate first pony i hear you say, but i loved him to bits, he was just my little pet! I bought him for 175, which is why i ended up with a colt! I don't come from a horsey family so i had to buy him myself! I couldn't afford a pony/horse i could ride!

I then got to wanting a pony i could ride so i bought a 14hh welsh x arab!
She was just the best (well, in the end anyway). Again, i didn't have alot of money so didn't have much choice when looking for a pony.
She was perfect when i went to see her but when i got her i couldn't catch her for 3 days! Everytime someone went in the feild she attacked them Shocked
I was heartbroken.
Then when i did catch her, she would bite and kick me when i was grooming her!
Anyway, after loads and loads of patience she turned into the most fantastic pony! I loved her to bits and i could do anything with her. She was excellent in traffic, could jump, i used to ride round the counteyside for hours with her, i kept her fit.
Then one day i went to catch her in the feild and her boobs were hage! They were like cows udders! I knew straight away that she was pregnant! I was scared to death cos i'd been riding her so much and jumping and even gone to a show! So i called the vet. A month later she gave birth to a gorgeous colt! So, then i had 2 horses! I called him Max and i kept him til he was a yearling!
I then did a part ex for a big cob, Tia Maria.
I was struggling to afford the keep now so i sold her on soon after to the owner of the stables!
Later down the line i came accross a little welsh section B in the paper who was nearly 3 years old and unbroken. I just had to go see him!
Well, he seemed purfect, he was registered, nice and quiet, lovely conformation etc, and they only wanted 200 for him so i bought him! I got him into good condition and broke him in, then i sold him on.

Thats it, i haven't owned a horse since! I really want to though, i'm sure it won't be long now before i do get another horse!

Sorry this is so long! Very Happy


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My horses!
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