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 Hows your day been?

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PostSubject: Hows your day been?   Sat Jun 30, 2007 4:03 pm

Mines been ok!

Got up this morning, fed me and keane breakfast, got us both dressed, washed etc. Then by the time i had finished pottering about it was about 11am. So i thought i would get the kitchen cleaned before lunch, but then the phone rang and it was my sister, so an hour and 10 mins later she had finished wittering on about nothing Rolling Eyes So then i had to get keanes lunch. I was hoping to be at work for 1pm and it was now 12.20pm Shocked

So we had lunch, then i had to get off to work, leaving all the washing up etc Rolling Eyes

So, i was at work til 5pm, Pauls dad was looking after keane at my house.
When i got back he had done all the washing up too Very Happy He always does, hes great like that!

I made keane a cheese sandwich and then we got a chinese! Had to feed keane first though cos otherwise all he eats is the prawn crackers Laughing Bless him.

So we then drove pauls dad home and went to asda on the way back! Well done me! I have a huge fear of the place right now, and haven't really been in there since last year! But anyway, it went pretty well in there.

Then it was home to bed for keane cheers
I've had a shower and now i feel really sick, so i'm just sat here feeling sorry for myself!


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PostSubject: Re: Hows your day been?   Tue Jul 03, 2007 11:09 am

Well, Thomas didnt get up til 8am this morning so i had a lovely lie in. Then fed us, got us changed and left him with my mum at 9am and took my car in for its mot, then went to work.
I mucked out, cleaned out the horsebox, organised the loft (where all the old rugs and showing tack etc is) then brought the horses in, and led the baby, Lotti, out on the roads.
Then i got home, fed and and bathed thomas and have just found out that my car has failed it mot!!! Great!
Well, he's in bed now so im gona chill for a bit. Hope every one else has had a better day? x
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Hows your day been?
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