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PostSubject: Nursery!   Fri Jun 29, 2007 2:53 pm

Keane (my 2 year old son) will be starting nursery soon!!

I went to look round one today, and it was really nice, and he loved it too! He had a massive paddy when i said it was time to go!

I was looking for one for him about 6 months ago but only one had places and i didn't like it so he ended up just not going to one at all, but then some places came up at this one, now that he is over 2 its easier to find a place.

I am so pleased, he is really ready for something like this, hes got such a busy little mind.

Don't know when he'll be starting yet, we have to decide what days we want etc, then we'll take it from there, should be a couple of weeks though!


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